Hot Brews & Cool Cocktails

Coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night! Whether you love to try new flavors or you prefer to stick to an old classic, Blend Coffee and Cocktails has something for you. Our coffee shop/cocktail bar hybrid has the perfect beverage for coffee fanatics, tea aficionados, and cocktail experts. On our menu, you’ll find traditional lattes, as well as exciting new lemonade flavors. Stop into our shop for a relaxing atmosphere, or grab takeout on your lunch break. However you choose to enjoy our Franklin, WI brews, Blend Coffee and Cocktails is here to serve.



Monday: 7AM - 4PM
Tuesday: 7AM - 4PM
Wednesday: 7AM - 4PM
Thursday: 7AM - 11:30PM
Friday: 7AM - 10PM
Saturday: 7AM - 10PM
Sunday: 7AM - 11:30PM